The Kitchen Collectors Guide


Those of you that know me well enough,  will know that I have a serious problem when it comes to household items, especially dishes. I wouldn’t like to call myself a hoarder, I prefer the term collector. I love serving ware, cutlery, quirky handmade dishes and cute little trinkets that I can serve my creations in. A lot of the time I collect things for my home when I travel, I love to bring back bits for my kitchen as a reminder of my trip. However, when we come home for our holiday to Johannesburg I always make a point to visit Home Stuff. Home Stuff is literally the coolest and most ginormous home store I have ever seen! I always lose myself in the store, I end up with a cart full of cool kitchen gadgets, tons of plastic-ware for my little one and the most amazing dishes that I use to serve up my food.

It’s is a one stop shop for household items, they have a wide range of kitchen items as well as home décor and toys for the kids. They have a magnificent party section which I was in awe of. If you’re thinking of throwing your little one a party this year they have a huge selection of party items to choose from, including all your kid’s favorite characters. If your kids are as smitten as my little one is with cartoon characters they will be bowled over! We spent most of our time in the kid’s section picking out Dory cups and Elsa plates for her meal times.

I am BIG on kitchen gadgets and tools and if you caught my live videos from the store you would have noticed that I made specific reference to a few of my favorite items which are must haves in any kitchen!

  1. A digital scale
  2. A zest /small grater
  3. Wooden lemon squeezer
  4. Garlic press
  5. Plastic spoons that can be used for cooking
  6. Measuring tools
  7. A Great Set of Knives

These are a few tools that I can’t live without in my kitchen and are all available from different brands and price ranges.

I was blown away by the range of brands that they keep in the store. They stock everything from Maxwell and Williams, Bodum, Alessi, Jamie Oliver, Pyrex, Marinex, Joseph and Joseph, Eetrite and many many more. They also have a wide range of CONSOL dishes and a variety of dinnerware and serve ware to choose from.

If you’re looking to fill up a new home, add new items to your collection or searching for the perfect gifts, I can guarantee that you will find something here. I found this cool Granit dish which caught my attention. Firstly, it’s so stunning and I can’t wait to prepare something in it. It can be used in the oven and microwave and can be directly used on a glass ceramic cooker or on a gas and electric stove with the addition of a heat diffuser. I also bought myself a gorgeous rose gold serviette holder, a rose gold utensil holder (which I’m going to use for my make-up brushes), some beautiful vintage tins that I have used for my Eid gifting and some more little kitchen tools.


They have branches in the following locations

  • U106 Bright Water Commons-Randburg
  • Shop 12 Hillfox Power Centre
  • Flag Ship Store Shop 19 Stoneridge Centre- Greenstone Park

Alternatively, you can shop online or email them with an order and they will courier it to you! But I personally feel that you won’t be satisfied until you visit the store!

You can visit their Instagram @homestuff_jhb or website

Thank You to Abdul and His team at Brightwater Commons for helping me find everything I was looking for!


Farzi Cafe- Iftaar Menu Review

As soon as the month of Ramadhan sets in, the Atmosphere in Dubai changes. The city develops a sense of calm and homes are filled with the light of the new month. Ramadhan in Dubai is about sharing and celebrating with friends and family and is centered around togetherness. One of the most popular activities during this month are suhoor and futoor gatherings. These gatherings are either hosted at home, in a majlis or at restaurants. What I love about Dubai is that the restaurants cater

What I love about Dubai is that the restaurants cater for their clientele and create menus that are more suitable for the month of Ramadhan. This is known as glocalization what this means is that international products or services are adapted to suit the social and cultural norms of a local society. (your first lesson in economics lol)


Last week I was invited to Farzi Café for an exclusive tasting of their new Ramadhan menu. Which includes a futoor and suhoor set menu. As most of the restaurants only open after sunset, the restaurant has adapted their menu to cater for the flavors that are popular during Ramadhan. I for one do not like buffets so I rarely venture out during the month of Ramadhan. However, Farzi is my favorite restaurant in Dubai and I was really excited to see what they had prepared for us + NO BUFFET.


Farzi café is a concept that focuses on preparing/serving their food with touches of molecular gastronomy. It is a fine dining experience that is seasoned well for the Indian palette or for those that enjoy Indian food. The price of the Futoor set menu is 125 dhs per person. Which Is absolutely amazing considering the amount of food that is on the menu, we were utterly impressed by the selection of the dishes.


We started our meal with a yogurt based drink that consisted of dates and nuts. It was extremely refreshing and delicious. It was the perfect start to our meal as the menu ahead involved a few spicy dishes, as our host explained further the drink is also a nutritional starter which provides energy and vitality when breaking the fast.


We were then given an amuse bouche which is translated to “a mouth full”, which was the Farzi signature yogurt-based mango sphere, which also serves as a palette cleanser. We were treated to a selection of dates this is customary during the month of ramdhaan. The date selection included a sunset date macaron with a cream cheese filling which was absolutely to die for. As well a micro popcorn coated date and a kunefa date.


Next up were the the Pre-starters: The Bombay Bhel with Yogurt Spheres. This dish was an awesome modern rendition of a popular Indian street food, glamourized into a sophisticated starter. The concept and flavors of the dish were executed extremely well and if you caught my live video on snapchat, our host explained that the individual elements of the dish contributed to the experience and sensation you feel when eating it.



The starters included the popular Dhal Chawal Arancini and The Beef Boti Hash. The Beef Boti Hash is a dish that has been adapted from the breakfast menu , I found the beef succulent and well seasoned and thoroughly enjoyed it. Its coupled with a potato hash (obvs) and reminds me of an alternative to a curry and potato’s.



For the mains we had Rawa Uttapam with Curry leaf pepper prawns this was an exceptional dish that I felt made the entire experience so worth it! The flavor combinations on this one were exceptional, it truly reminded me of Keralan food. (forgive me if I am wrong) The lamb Seekh Nihari was so flavourful, the seekh is cooked around a bone and then served with a pool of thick, rich and aromatic Indian gravy. The Farzi shawarma biryani were great options for the mains and by the time we got through all of these items we were absolutely stuffed!


Our waiter gave us a few minutes and offered us a refreshing green tea to helps us to our next course which is obviously the best. DESSERT!


I always look forward to Farzi desserts, they’re so unique and the chef has flavor palate that is very similar to mine. I am a huge fan of their Phirni oxide and I document it every time I visit (I’m shameless). Their iftaar menu  has introduced 2 new desserts which are the “Turkish Coffee Kunefa with a Rabri cloud” and the “Gulab Jamun with frozen rose and Crunchy Rabri”. Both of these desserts were phenomenal! My favorite was the Gulab Jamun however, Raeesah preferred the Turkish Coffee Kunefa. I found them both to have the perfect balance of flavors and not overly sweet. It was the perfect end to a glorious meal and a great evening of fun with the girls.


Thank you to the Farzi team, Shivankit and our Host Clinton for the exceptional service! Tell them I sent you, they’ll make sure your experience is EXTRA special.

Mitts and Trays- Dubai

Mitts & Trays Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Let me begin by telling you all that I am stuffing my face and risking every chance i had of being skinny again just for YOU! Why? You ask. Well, December is approaching and I know how much you guys LOVE Dubai. I constantly get emails and messages about where to eat and what to do in Dubai. The “what to do part”, I can’t help with.My mother literally calls me a hobbit because I never leave home to do anything “fun”. However, the what to eat part is right up my alley.

I’ve decided to blog about my favorite restaurants so that you all have access to them without scrolling through my feed looking for food (haha). You can also find a few other suggestions here.

A few weeks ago my friend Fatima hosted a party for my sister in law at Mitts and Trays. We were treated to a fabulous lunch, of which Fatima hand picked the menu. On the menu was a refreshing watermelon salad, stuffed with soft cheese and a tangy olive tapenade. Mac and Cheese that was perfectly seasoned and had a lingering chivy taste that I was obsessed with. Saffron spiced risotto which was literally THE BEST THING EVER. And a luxuriously creamy burrata served with their in-house milk bread and basil butter. To be honest I couldn’t have picked a better menu myself.

Shortly after our lunch date, the establishment had introduced their new breakfast menu. Can you imagine my excitement when they invited us to come in to try it? The menu itself is perfect. There are enough items on the menu for you to choose from, ranging from simple scrambled eggs to sophisticated Turkish eggs and shakshouka. And they didn’t forget about the health conscious or the sweet tooth either, there’s something for everyone.

We opted for the eggs benedict served on a bed of wilted spinach, that was accompanied by a smooth and silky hollandaise sauce. The eggs were cooked perfectly just as we asked for them. Fatima wanted a hard yolk and I wanted a runny yolk, they gladly did both for us in one portion so we didn’t have to compromise. We decided on the smashed berry and clotted cream French toast, the portion was perfect for the 2 of us to share. I was tempted to try the hazelnut ganache and caramelized banana French toast as well. but I needed space in my tummy for the finale.

To finish off what was already a heavenly meal,  we were treated  to a saffron infused cold cheesecake. I have heard so much about this cheesecake that I HAD to have it. I immediately fell in love with it , to say the least , and we left nothing on the plate. A clean plate is the sign of happy tummies.

I literally could not have asked for a more blissful morning, filled with great company and even better food. The restaurant setting reminded me of being in a sophisticated yet comforting space, almost as if I’m right at home. our waiter Abdur Rahman was extraordinary, he suggested the best cappuccino I’ve had all week and ensured that I had the best lighting for my pictures. Such a gem!

I highly recommend Mitts and Trays for any meal of the day at any time of the week. Their menu is well thought-out and is inspired by global influences. The owners have channeled their love for food and travel into this establishment and have really outdone themselves.  Whether you’re just in the mood for a good cappuccino or ready to indulge in a fat slice of cheesecake. This is probably the right place to do it.

Have a great weekend , and I hope to see your Dubai food journeys on Instagram. Tag me in your pictures if you’re eating at any restaurants that I recommend, I might have a surprise for you all!

Mitts and Trays are located in City Walk Phase 2,  near the exit of Mattel Play Town. breakfast is served until 11.30 am


Walnut Grove Dubai

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When I first moved to Dubai I was an absolute pain of a human. I would insist on taking every single South African product back with me to Dubai. This included rice, biscuits, even cream soda, you name it I packed it in my bag. After a while I began to realize that I was being absolutely ridiculous. Given there are certain things that we still don’t find here, I don’t see the need to cart my Bakers biscuits up every time we travel.


Thankfully we live in a world where technology and globalization have broadened our horizons and have created international markets for our local South African Businesses. My groceries aside, one of the most exciting things to have happened was the opening of Walnut grove in Dubai. I was so excited about this , because to be honest, their rainbow cake is flippin magical! Before the great expansion of Sandton City as we know it now, there were very few restaurants like Walnut Grove in Sandton. I actually don’t even like calling it a “restaurant” because it’s so much more than that. Walnut grove is an experience, everything from the décor to the food welcomes you in, it’s like home.


Walnut Grove is a family business that started in 1975, the founder Yianni traveled from Greece to bring his foodie flair to South African shores. The love for food is a family trait and soon after he gave the business over to his children. I had the pleasure of meeting with his son Fotis at their new Dubai restaurant to discuss the legacy and new ventures of the Walnut Grove franchise.


The restaurant itself is breathtakingly beautiful, no doubt that it’s a passion project for Elle, Yianni’s daughter. Everything in Dubai is bigger and bolder, and Walnut Grove Dubai lived up to that expectation. The interiors are sophisticated and contemporary, but it still has the signature rustic vibe synonymous with Walnut Grove. The restaurant boasts luxurious wooden interiors, with chic touches of rose gold and antique finishes. It’s simplistic but oh so beautiful!  One of the main features of the restaurant is the marvelous cake display in the center of the store, the star of the show, the rainbow cake of course. The interiors are dramatic but at the same time so understated, I would literally live in it if I could. I love how the Personality of the restaurant comes through in every element that it is composed of.


Their menu is vast and has something for everyone. They serve breakfast, lunch and Dinner and they welcome you for tea and coffee anytime as well!. There’s a variety of wholesome dishes including the avocado 3 ways and Arabic eggs, which we had, as well as healthier alternatives that include low carb and dairy free options. When my waitress Gale gave me the run down of all the dairy free alternatives they had, I realized that I would be spending a lot of time at Walnut Grove.


Avocado and toast is literally my favorite, I can have it everyday. Their version, Avocado 3 ways takes the concept to another level. It is served with their signature walnut seeded health bread which is TO DIE FOR, the entire time I could only think about all the amazing things that I could do with that bread, honey and fig would be the first. The avo was served with marinated chickpeas, a poached egg and a cream cheese and feta ‘carpaccio’. I devoured the entire plate. No regrets.


The Arabic eggs is their version of a shakshouka, which is a firm favorite here in the middle east. The sauce was bursting with tangy tomato flavor and perfectly topped with shavings of fresh parmesan cheese. I love that I could eat it straight out of the pan and no one was judging me. No meal at Walnut Grove is complete without their rainbow cake, which is just like the one back home. a brilliant meal perfectly rounded up with a Nutella Cappucino.


The owners and staff take pride in their restaurant and the food they serve. They pay extra attention to the little things that accentuate your dining experience. The food is absolutely gorgeous and of the highest quality, as you would expect from them. Our meals were plated and presented to us so stunningly and with so much love and care. Our waitress Gale was an absolute gem and she made sure all our needs were taken care of.


I love that this little piece of home has now found themselves in Dubai. The family has a beautiful approach to their business and strong work ethics, which comes through in the food and service. I have no doubt that the Walnut Grove brand will attract a lot of attention here in Dubai, with a menu like theirs, how could it not.


They are situated in City Walk phase 2, opposite level kids. They’re open from breakfast until dinner. Breakfast is served until 11.30 am. Make sure to pay them a visit and say Hi if you’re from South Africa!


Thank you to Fotis and Savina for having me, it was an absolute pleasure to dine with you!


Where there is Passion, there will be Success. I wish them the best!

With Love


Tonka Bean Bakery- Review


I’ve literally had a week from hell! I haven’t even had the time to make myself a decent breakfast, I’ve been chucking everything into a blender and hoping for the best all week. To be quite honest I think I deserve a doughnut, a Tonka bean doughnut to be precise.


Last week I had the absolute honour of making the great trek to Tonka Bean Bakery. In my opinion that doughnut was worth every mile I travelled for it. Shakil Khan is the owner and mastermind behind Tonka Bean bakery, this man is one of the most experienced and talented  chefs that has ever come out of South Africa. His business ethics are incomparable, I have never met a man with so much love and passion for his business. Tonka bean bakery is more than just his income, it’s his family and his pride. Like most successful chefs, he was influenced by his mother ,who inspired him to become who he is today. Shakil began his culinary journey in Durban, at the Christina Martin culinary arts centre. He then trained with one of the most influential chefs that South Africa has seen, IN his restaurant. Shakil didn’t stop there though, he took a leap of faith and joined the San Francisco Baking academy, and I suppose this is how the creative genius was born.


I’ve heard people comparing his doughnuts to some “famous” machine made doughnuts out there. That’s really not a fair comparison, considering that these doughnuts are artisan master pieces. I was lucky enough to witness the preparation of these doughnuts in person. Each and every ingredient that is put into these pastries is fresh and of the highest quality. Here’s something we lack these days, QUALITY, some people have forgotten what this means. It’s not all about the money for him, which is why his creations are so blooming good.


We tried the famous Tonka Bean Doughnut, (by the way the bakery gets its name from the exotic species of vanilla bean they use). The doughnut itself was a delight, it was soft and fluffy and filled to the brim with crème patt that was out of this world! All tossed in a healthy dose of sugar, what more could you ask for? It’s simple and yet so satisfying, I can tell why it’s the celebrity of the bakery. We were lucky enough to sample one of Shakil’s newest creations, the Nutella crème doughnut. There were so many different notes of chocolatey goodness packed into that doughnut, it was certainly worth the calories.


These doughnuts are undeniably good; they are one of the major reasons that Tonka is so successful. However in my opinion , those Kouign Amaan’s were the true star of the show. Yes, I loved the fluff of the doughnut, but do you know how damn satisfying it is to pull apart a crisp, flakey, buttery pastry that’s coated in layers of caramelised sugar? You really won’t understand until you get some! Whatever this is, it’s the first of its kind in SA that I have tasted, and I hope it stays. I like to think of it as the sophisticated cousin of the croissant. The queen of the bakery is what I call it.


Even though Tonka isn’t set up for the commercial coffee shop  vibe, they can definitely boast their great coffee! The best possible way to get your hands on the pastries, is to call in your order in advance! Shakil only prepares limited quantities every day, so consider yourself lucky if you get some.


Over all, I had the sweetest morning of my life. My family and I could not get enough of these doughnuts, and no it was certainly not a fad, we woke up early the following Saturday morning to make it in time for the delivery at the Caltex in Oakland’s. If you can’t make the drive, make sure to visit Hanover bakery, father coffee or the Caltex in Oakland’s Johannesburg to get your hands on some of these divine pastries! And if you’re from Pretoria, then you’re at an advantage, as Tonka isn’t too far from you guys!


I have the best job in the world, I get the opportunity to meet people like Shakil and his beautiful wife Nazeema, that are so inspiring and kind. I am so fortunate to have witnessed the behind the scenes at Tonka Bean bakery. I truly appreciate Shakils outlook on business and life, as well as his unmatched talent. Thanks for having us over guys!

On that note, guess who’s getting doughnuts tomorrow! (me)

Katana Dubai- Review


Katana Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I love a good girls night out! Every once in a while its great to meet up with the girls and enjoy a night out without the kitchen apron. This week our restaurant of choice was Katana Dubai. You might have heard about them as they’re one of the hottest hang outs in LA. Katana is based on Japanese cuisine and I love that we get to try every single dish because its halaal!

The location of the restaurant is so convenient, its tucked beneath the Address Downtown hotel, overlooking the Dubai Fountains. This was perfect for me as there is a valet service available and I didn’t have to walk miles in my heels!

Upon entering we were greeted by the customary Irasshaimase! we had the choice of being seated inside or outside, we chose a table near the windows which had a magnificent view of the fountain and the Burj Khalifa.

The interiors made me feel like I was in an enchanted forest! It was extremely sophisticated with tall cladded walls and the most gorgeous light fittings that resembled flower buds hovering above us.

We opted for the Summer Sunset menu, which is a set menu (of 14 courses) that was perfectly suited for our girls night out! The menu was well thought out, and each course succeeded the other in perfect harmony. The first two dishes that were served to us, the salmon carpaccio and the garden salad blew us away! Katana’s take on the the carpaccio involved the incorporation of mushrooms and feta which was unlike any carpaccio I’ve had before, and the garden salad had the most divine ginger dressing that had my taste buds in a frenzy.

The next course that was served to us was a selection of Robata-yaki aka charcoal grilled produce, which was served with a trio of sauces to complement them. We had the prawn, chicken and asparagus, surprisingly the asparagus was my favorite of the three. We were then served two varieties of sushi, one being the spicy crab and the other the lobster with avocado and asparagus. I particularly loved the crunch that the asparagus provided, it contrasted beautifully against the softness of the other components.

Next up was the item I was most excited about, the Angus Beef Ribs. My oh my was I impressed. They ribs were soft and succulent and drenched in a sticky Asian sauce. We literally ate every single piece, and that saying a lot! The ribs were served with egg fried rice and sautéed green beans, over all it was a satisfying course.

Finally, the most important part of the meal, well in my opinion. we were treated to a doughnut like dessert called Harumaki. It was filled with caramelized apple and banana and was generously tossed in cinnamon and sugar and served with a flippen amazing vanilla bean ice cream along with a dark chocolate sauce. To conclude our meal, we indulged in luxurious coconut ice cream and lychee sorbet. I fell in love with these scoops of heaven. The coconut was perfectly balanced and deliciously creamy. The lychee was fruity and full of natural lychee flavor, non of that synthetic juice box types.

Overall we had a great evening. The best part of the evening was that we didn’t have to break the bank to enjoy it. The Summer menu is available at a great price of 180 Dhs sharing (excl drinks) or 245 dhs for the ultimate menu. This includes a drink as well!

If you’re an adventurous foodie visiting Dubai, I recommend you trying Katana. They boast a great view, friendly staff and UH-mazing food!


Cioccolat italini

Cioccolat Italiani Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

on a recent business trip to Italy, my sister in law Raeesah sent me pictures of the most gorgeous gelato from Cioccolatitaliani. Imagine my excitement when I found their branch here in Dubai.


The franchise is known for their sultry gelatos and high end range of chocolates. But what makes their stuff so damn good? Quality that’s what!  They use a specific type of cocoa bean called Fino de Aroma. This is one of the most sought after breeds of cocoa in the world, which is only produced in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador.


I finally got the opportunity to visit their branch in Dubai’s newly developed shopping strip called Boxpark. I arrived just after 7.30 and it was pretty quiet, I was greeted by our friendly waitress Queen, who helped me to choose the perfect spot with the best lighting (p.s I love a restaurant that accommodates for instagrammers).


We ordered a starter first, we opted for the bruschetta. It was super yum! My husband went as far as saying “it’s the best he’s ever had”. It was undoubtedly delicious, there was a combination of two toppings. One was a regular tomato and the other was tomato and mozzarella. It was fresh and bursting with citrusy flavor, perfect for Dubai weather.


For mains we ordered a club panini and the spaghetti with pecorino cheese and cocoa nibs. Both these dishes were divine. The panini was quite a generous portion; it was one of the best versions of a club sandwich that I’ve had. I was impressed by the fact that their pasta is handmade. At first I was a bit skeptical about ordering a pasta with cocoa nibs in it, but I was pleasantly surprised. The cocoa added a wonderful bitter contrast to the creamy pasta. It wasn’t too overwhelming as you only got little bits at a time. It was just the right portion so we had space for dessert.


The main attraction of course was the desserts. I found it so hard to choose as they have such a wide variety of items to choose from. If you want , you can have your classic gelato in a cone. If you can’t seem to pick which flavor you like, there’s a tasting plate of their most popular flavors. I wanted to be a bit more adventurous, so I ordered the happiness bowl, I will not kid you. I was more than just happy after devouring that bowl of deliciousness. Picture this, a base of chocolate rice crispy treats, topped with scoops of creamy gelato, finished with dollops of Nutella. I know right.


Being as greedy as I am, I also ordered the triple chocolate cappuccino, I loved the presentation. Its basically a cappuccino cup dunked in white, milk and dark chocolate. Which is then filled with a frothy cappuccino. As Raeesah described it “you get hint of melted chocolate in every sip, its just amazing”. I couldn’t describe it any better.


As a whole I loved every minute of my meal. I was told that the ingredients are imported from Italy, so at certain times of the year, you might not always get some of the savory items that are on the menu. I personally think its great that the ingredients are flown in from Italy, this way we are given the opportunity to enjoy their meals just as one would in Italy.


The setting is simple and fuss free, and there’s a wide selection of chocolates to choose from for you to take home. At about 8.15 pm the restaurant started to fill up, so I suggest getting their early to get a table.


Thanks to Queen, John and Joe for the great service! Make sure to pay them a visit when you’re in Dubai. definitely a must try, in my opinion

Farzi Cafe- Review

Farzi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato I am finally done with exams for this semester and my schedule has been less hectic ever since. With all the free time I decided to restaurant hop and try all the restaurants that have been on my “to-eat” list. I was delighted to FINALLY get to visit Farzi Café at City Walk.

Ever since Farzi opened, I have only heard good things about them. My social media feeds have been flooded with pictures of their signature dishes. Their menu is a combination of techniques that include modern preparation methods and elements of molecular gastronomy. Their flavor palate is based on Indian cuisine with touches of European influences. The restaurant itself is absolutely beautiful. The architecture Is modern and clean, with high ceilings that are adorned with golden cascading fixtures, this sets the scene for the perfect dining experience.

I had no idea where to begin when ordering, so Instead I requested for the waiter to bring me the best and most popular dishes that they serve. He undoubtedly did just that!

We began our meal with an amuse bouche, which was also a palate cleanser. A Laban sphere with a raspberry center served on smoky hot ice, this was the opening act of out theatrical experience

our starters included the Raj Katchori Chaat which was my favorite dish of the day, each bite was an explosion of flavor, a humble Indian street food was given a gorgeous glow up and executed perfectly! the Dhal Chawal Arancini was amazing, typically arancini is an Italian dish. However, the fusion of this cooking technique and Indian flavors were truly a match made in haven. it was topped with the most delicious green chutney and had the perfect balance of textures.

For our main meal we ordered the Deconstructed shepherds pie which was plated sophisticatedly, each element on the plate was placed with great attention to detail.
the paneer tikka was rich and bold in flavor, the tangy sauce smothered the cheese in yummy goodness!
the chicken tikka Was served to us in a London phone booth, I suspect this has more to do with the dining experience than contributing to the dish itself, however I loved how excited the waiters were to present the dish to us.

The dessert was the best part of the meal! I have never experienced anything like it. The Ras malai dessert was combined with alternating layers of gajar (carrot) halwa, and served in a pool of sweet saffron milk. The phirni was prepared at our table using liquid nitrogen, it was unlike anything I have tasted. I was blown away!

I can honestly say that this was one of the most interactive dining experience that I have ever had. Farzi has really set the mark for service, the staff take the time to talk you through your meal and explain every element to you. They happily participate to claim the oohs and aahs from the guests and are truly passionate about the food that they serve.

Everything from the service to the food was of the highest standard. It was blissful to say the least. I will definitely be a regular.

The only problem I have is that the waiting time for a table is between 30 to 45 mins, and this was on a weekday afternoon. However even though they were so busy we were given the greatest amount of attention from both management and staff.

the drinks are fun and festive, one must try their masala coca cola.

Thank you to the staff and management of Farzi for the unforgettable experience. We have been #farzified


Craft Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


First let’s catch up. Its been crazy these past few months, however I have been quite active on Instagram. for those of you that have been following my foodie adventures, you have by now realized that I am in desperate need of a crash diet, once that has been done, eating can presume as per usual.


This past month has been such a culinary adventure for me, and i have so many stories to share with you all. For now lets begin at home with one of my favourites restaurants.

The only restaurant that can get me out of hiding is Craft. Undoubtedly this is one of  the best restaurants in Johannesburg. I visit the trendy Parkhurst restaurant quite a bit, and no they don’t pay me for the social media content, I just love them that much.


Recently they hosted a blogger event for the official tasting of their Freakwaffles. Earlier this year they launched their amazing #Freakshakes, which are equally as amazing and a great hit amongst the masses.  There are 4 amazing dessert waffles on the menu, which are all presented fantastically. I do suggest sharing as its quite a lot for one person (and that’s coming from me, I eat for a living).

The waffle itself is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, just the way I like it. All of the waffles are served with ice cream and they all have their own  beautiful personalities.

The Oreo cookies and cream

This waffle pays homage to the most loved cookie, the Oreo. 2 substantially sized waffles served with ripples of Nutella and Oreo cookies topped with a white chocolate caramel.

The salted caramel and popcorn waffle.

This waffle can give you diabetes, and I mean that in the best way possible. It has everything caramelized and caramel related, and like its sister dessert the freakshake it doesn’t disappoint. 2 Waffles tucked beneath Gorgeous golden caramel coated popcorn pieces complemented by a creamy caramel sauce. I want one right now…

The marshmallow waffle reminds me of a candy carnival. Its so pretty you’d never want to destroy it. Its got marshmallow fluff, roasted mallows and an artisan sauce on the side.

Now! My Favourite, The peanut butter fudge, banana and chocolate waffle. I swear to you if you love peanut butter, you will ADORE this. From the first bite I was in love. Chef Ashley entertained us by telling us the story behind the creation of the fudge recipe, all I can say is the best recipes are always the result of “on purpose accidents”


Keep in mind that Craft is an Artisan based restaurant, and everything artisan is pricier. But the quality of their food outweighs the price tag. Weekends and lunch time are the busiest, however if you’re going with the family weekday afternoons are better for you.

Go ahead and try them , and don’t forget to Share your waffles with us on social media by hashtagging #Freakwaffles

N.B craft is not halaal we therefore only eat vegetarian or request separate food preparation if they’re not busy.

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Thank you to my amazing team, Safeera and  Zaakira (photographer) for covering the event for me while i was away on another great adventure. details coming soon…



We recently got back to Dubai and the first thing on my to-do list, was to visit Parkers.

The one thing I love about Dubai is that there are always new places to eat and the concepts are always so unique and interesting. Byparkers, as you will find them on Instagram is a concept created by the founders of Salt. Now for those of you who don’t know what Salt is, it’s only the best food truck on earth! No exaggeration.

When Salt was launched the concept was pretty creative, they moved the food truck all over Dubai and posted hints of where you could find them, this was for a limited time only as now they have found a permeant home at kite surfers beach.

Parkers has a similar concept. However they hide keys all over Dubai and post hints on snapchat on how and where you can find them. You can only attend the restaurant if you have a key. I thought that this idea was pretty fun and I made it my mission to stalk Mr Parker and find that key!

It only took me 2 days, not bad if I say so myself.

I was so excited to finally get to experience this funky foodie pop up for myself and I was advised to get there early before all the good stuff got sold out.

We basically ordered everything on the menu, and why not considering that it’s so fairly priced! I love the set up especially now that winter is nearing and the Dubai nights are amazing!

It was difficult to choose my favourite items on the menu because everything was so yum. I swear by the Choco x coffee slider with wagyu beef. It was damn good to say the least. The street fries and mac and cheese balls were super tasty. I really admire the time and effort that has gone into this menu. The flavour combinations are not typical, they’re edgy and unlike anything I’ve had before.

The staff were super friendly and took the time out to make us feel right at home. I honestly cant wait to go back for the desserts, I see great things happening for Parkers.


Don’t fret if you don’t have a key yet. Mr Parker is still hiding keys all over Dubai. And trust me, you’re going to want one.

P.s thank you hubster for these amazing pics!

see you guys in DXB!