Farzi Cafe- Iftaar Menu Review

As soon as the month of Ramadhan sets in, the Atmosphere in Dubai changes. The city develops a sense of calm and homes are filled with the light of the new month. Ramadhan in Dubai is about sharing and celebrating with friends and family and is centered around togetherness. One of the most popular activities during this month are suhoor and futoor gatherings. These gatherings are either hosted at home, in a majlis or at restaurants. What I love about Dubai is that the restaurants cater

What I love about Dubai is that the restaurants cater for their clientele and create menus that are more suitable for the month of Ramadhan. This is known as glocalization what this means is that international products or services are adapted to suit the social and cultural norms of a local society. (your first lesson in economics lol)


Last week I was invited to Farzi Café for an exclusive tasting of their new Ramadhan menu. Which includes a futoor and suhoor set menu. As most of the restaurants only open after sunset, the restaurant has adapted their menu to cater for the flavors that are popular during Ramadhan. I for one do not like buffets so I rarely venture out during the month of Ramadhan. However, Farzi is my favorite restaurant in Dubai and I was really excited to see what they had prepared for us + NO BUFFET.


Farzi café is a concept that focuses on preparing/serving their food with touches of molecular gastronomy. It is a fine dining experience that is seasoned well for the Indian palette or for those that enjoy Indian food. The price of the Futoor set menu is 125 dhs per person. Which Is absolutely amazing considering the amount of food that is on the menu, we were utterly impressed by the selection of the dishes.


We started our meal with a yogurt based drink that consisted of dates and nuts. It was extremely refreshing and delicious. It was the perfect start to our meal as the menu ahead involved a few spicy dishes, as our host explained further the drink is also a nutritional starter which provides energy and vitality when breaking the fast.


We were then given an amuse bouche which is translated to “a mouth full”, which was the Farzi signature yogurt-based mango sphere, which also serves as a palette cleanser. We were treated to a selection of dates this is customary during the month of ramdhaan. The date selection included a sunset date macaron with a cream cheese filling which was absolutely to die for. As well a micro popcorn coated date and a kunefa date.


Next up were the the Pre-starters: The Bombay Bhel with Yogurt Spheres. This dish was an awesome modern rendition of a popular Indian street food, glamourized into a sophisticated starter. The concept and flavors of the dish were executed extremely well and if you caught my live video on snapchat, our host explained that the individual elements of the dish contributed to the experience and sensation you feel when eating it.



The starters included the popular Dhal Chawal Arancini and The Beef Boti Hash. The Beef Boti Hash is a dish that has been adapted from the breakfast menu , I found the beef succulent and well seasoned and thoroughly enjoyed it. Its coupled with a potato hash (obvs) and reminds me of an alternative to a curry and potato’s.



For the mains we had Rawa Uttapam with Curry leaf pepper prawns this was an exceptional dish that I felt made the entire experience so worth it! The flavor combinations on this one were exceptional, it truly reminded me of Keralan food. (forgive me if I am wrong) The lamb Seekh Nihari was so flavourful, the seekh is cooked around a bone and then served with a pool of thick, rich and aromatic Indian gravy. The Farzi shawarma biryani were great options for the mains and by the time we got through all of these items we were absolutely stuffed!


Our waiter gave us a few minutes and offered us a refreshing green tea to helps us to our next course which is obviously the best. DESSERT!


I always look forward to Farzi desserts, they’re so unique and the chef has flavor palate that is very similar to mine. I am a huge fan of their Phirni oxide and I document it every time I visit (I’m shameless). Their iftaar menu  has introduced 2 new desserts which are the “Turkish Coffee Kunefa with a Rabri cloud” and the “Gulab Jamun with frozen rose and Crunchy Rabri”. Both of these desserts were phenomenal! My favorite was the Gulab Jamun however, Raeesah preferred the Turkish Coffee Kunefa. I found them both to have the perfect balance of flavors and not overly sweet. It was the perfect end to a glorious meal and a great evening of fun with the girls.


Thank you to the Farzi team, Shivankit and our Host Clinton for the exceptional service! Tell them I sent you, they’ll make sure your experience is EXTRA special.


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