Mitts and Trays- Dubai

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Let me begin by telling you all that I am stuffing my face and risking every chance i had of being skinny again just for YOU! Why? You ask. Well, December is approaching and I know how much you guys LOVE Dubai. I constantly get emails and messages about where to eat and what to do in Dubai. The “what to do part”, I can’t help with.My mother literally calls me a hobbit because I never leave home to do anything “fun”. However, the what to eat part is right up my alley.

I’ve decided to blog about my favorite restaurants so that you all have access to them without scrolling through my feed looking for food (haha). You can also find a few other suggestions here.

A few weeks ago my friend Fatima hosted a party for my sister in law at Mitts and Trays. We were treated to a fabulous lunch, of which Fatima hand picked the menu. On the menu was a refreshing watermelon salad, stuffed with soft cheese and a tangy olive tapenade. Mac and Cheese that was perfectly seasoned and had a lingering chivy taste that I was obsessed with. Saffron spiced risotto which was literally THE BEST THING EVER. And a luxuriously creamy burrata served with their in-house milk bread and basil butter. To be honest I couldn’t have picked a better menu myself.

Shortly after our lunch date, the establishment had introduced their new breakfast menu. Can you imagine my excitement when they invited us to come in to try it? The menu itself is perfect. There are enough items on the menu for you to choose from, ranging from simple scrambled eggs to sophisticated Turkish eggs and shakshouka. And they didn’t forget about the health conscious or the sweet tooth either, there’s something for everyone.

We opted for the eggs benedict served on a bed of wilted spinach, that was accompanied by a smooth and silky hollandaise sauce. The eggs were cooked perfectly just as we asked for them. Fatima wanted a hard yolk and I wanted a runny yolk, they gladly did both for us in one portion so we didn’t have to compromise. We decided on the smashed berry and clotted cream French toast, the portion was perfect for the 2 of us to share. I was tempted to try the hazelnut ganache and caramelized banana French toast as well. but I needed space in my tummy for the finale.

To finish off what was already a heavenly meal,  we were treated  to a saffron infused cold cheesecake. I have heard so much about this cheesecake that I HAD to have it. I immediately fell in love with it , to say the least , and we left nothing on the plate. A clean plate is the sign of happy tummies.

I literally could not have asked for a more blissful morning, filled with great company and even better food. The restaurant setting reminded me of being in a sophisticated yet comforting space, almost as if I’m right at home. our waiter Abdur Rahman was extraordinary, he suggested the best cappuccino I’ve had all week and ensured that I had the best lighting for my pictures. Such a gem!

I highly recommend Mitts and Trays for any meal of the day at any time of the week. Their menu is well thought-out and is inspired by global influences. The owners have channeled their love for food and travel into this establishment and have really outdone themselves.  Whether you’re just in the mood for a good cappuccino or ready to indulge in a fat slice of cheesecake. This is probably the right place to do it.

Have a great weekend , and I hope to see your Dubai food journeys on Instagram. Tag me in your pictures if you’re eating at any restaurants that I recommend, I might have a surprise for you all!

Mitts and Trays are located in City Walk Phase 2,  near the exit of Mattel Play Town. breakfast is served until 11.30 am



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