Katana Dubai- Review


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I love a good girls night out! Every once in a while its great to meet up with the girls and enjoy a night out without the kitchen apron. This week our restaurant of choice was Katana Dubai. You might have heard about them as they’re one of the hottest hang outs in LA. Katana is based on Japanese cuisine and I love that we get to try every single dish because its halaal!

The location of the restaurant is so convenient, its tucked beneath the Address Downtown hotel, overlooking the Dubai Fountains. This was perfect for me as there is a valet service available and I didn’t have to walk miles in my heels!

Upon entering we were greeted by the customary Irasshaimase! we had the choice of being seated inside or outside, we chose a table near the windows which had a magnificent view of the fountain and the Burj Khalifa.

The interiors made me feel like I was in an enchanted forest! It was extremely sophisticated with tall cladded walls and the most gorgeous light fittings that resembled flower buds hovering above us.

We opted for the Summer Sunset menu, which is a set menu (of 14 courses) that was perfectly suited for our girls night out! The menu was well thought out, and each course succeeded the other in perfect harmony. The first two dishes that were served to us, the salmon carpaccio and the garden salad blew us away! Katana’s take on the the carpaccio involved the incorporation of mushrooms and feta which was unlike any carpaccio I’ve had before, and the garden salad had the most divine ginger dressing that had my taste buds in a frenzy.

The next course that was served to us was a selection of Robata-yaki aka charcoal grilled produce, which was served with a trio of sauces to complement them. We had the prawn, chicken and asparagus, surprisingly the asparagus was my favorite of the three. We were then served two varieties of sushi, one being the spicy crab and the other the lobster with avocado and asparagus. I particularly loved the crunch that the asparagus provided, it contrasted beautifully against the softness of the other components.

Next up was the item I was most excited about, the Angus Beef Ribs. My oh my was I impressed. They ribs were soft and succulent and drenched in a sticky Asian sauce. We literally ate every single piece, and that saying a lot! The ribs were served with egg fried rice and sautéed green beans, over all it was a satisfying course.

Finally, the most important part of the meal, well in my opinion. we were treated to a doughnut like dessert called Harumaki. It was filled with caramelized apple and banana and was generously tossed in cinnamon and sugar and served with a flippen amazing vanilla bean ice cream along with a dark chocolate sauce. To conclude our meal, we indulged in luxurious coconut ice cream and lychee sorbet. I fell in love with these scoops of heaven. The coconut was perfectly balanced and deliciously creamy. The lychee was fruity and full of natural lychee flavor, non of that synthetic juice box types.

Overall we had a great evening. The best part of the evening was that we didn’t have to break the bank to enjoy it. The Summer menu is available at a great price of 180 Dhs sharing (excl drinks) or 245 dhs for the ultimate menu. This includes a drink as well!

If you’re an adventurous foodie visiting Dubai, I recommend you trying Katana. They boast a great view, friendly staff and UH-mazing food!



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