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on a recent business trip to Italy, my sister in law Raeesah sent me pictures of the most gorgeous gelato from Cioccolatitaliani. Imagine my excitement when I found their branch here in Dubai.


The franchise is known for their sultry gelatos and high end range of chocolates. But what makes their stuff so damn good? Quality that’s what!  They use a specific type of cocoa bean called Fino de Aroma. This is one of the most sought after breeds of cocoa in the world, which is only produced in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador.


I finally got the opportunity to visit their branch in Dubai’s newly developed shopping strip called Boxpark. I arrived just after 7.30 and it was pretty quiet, I was greeted by our friendly waitress Queen, who helped me to choose the perfect spot with the best lighting (p.s I love a restaurant that accommodates for instagrammers).


We ordered a starter first, we opted for the bruschetta. It was super yum! My husband went as far as saying “it’s the best he’s ever had”. It was undoubtedly delicious, there was a combination of two toppings. One was a regular tomato and the other was tomato and mozzarella. It was fresh and bursting with citrusy flavor, perfect for Dubai weather.


For mains we ordered a club panini and the spaghetti with pecorino cheese and cocoa nibs. Both these dishes were divine. The panini was quite a generous portion; it was one of the best versions of a club sandwich that I’ve had. I was impressed by the fact that their pasta is handmade. At first I was a bit skeptical about ordering a pasta with cocoa nibs in it, but I was pleasantly surprised. The cocoa added a wonderful bitter contrast to the creamy pasta. It wasn’t too overwhelming as you only got little bits at a time. It was just the right portion so we had space for dessert.


The main attraction of course was the desserts. I found it so hard to choose as they have such a wide variety of items to choose from. If you want , you can have your classic gelato in a cone. If you can’t seem to pick which flavor you like, there’s a tasting plate of their most popular flavors. I wanted to be a bit more adventurous, so I ordered the happiness bowl, I will not kid you. I was more than just happy after devouring that bowl of deliciousness. Picture this, a base of chocolate rice crispy treats, topped with scoops of creamy gelato, finished with dollops of Nutella. I know right.


Being as greedy as I am, I also ordered the triple chocolate cappuccino, I loved the presentation. Its basically a cappuccino cup dunked in white, milk and dark chocolate. Which is then filled with a frothy cappuccino. As Raeesah described it “you get hint of melted chocolate in every sip, its just amazing”. I couldn’t describe it any better.


As a whole I loved every minute of my meal. I was told that the ingredients are imported from Italy, so at certain times of the year, you might not always get some of the savory items that are on the menu. I personally think its great that the ingredients are flown in from Italy, this way we are given the opportunity to enjoy their meals just as one would in Italy.


The setting is simple and fuss free, and there’s a wide selection of chocolates to choose from for you to take home. At about 8.15 pm the restaurant started to fill up, so I suggest getting their early to get a table.


Thanks to Queen, John and Joe for the great service! Make sure to pay them a visit when you’re in Dubai. definitely a must try, in my opinion


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