Earl Grey Iced Tea

earl grey iced tea


  • 1 cup earl grey tea, I used twining’s, prepare ahead and allow to cool (1 cup can make 2 drinks)
  • 1 shot monin mojito mint syrup (per glass)
  • Roses passion fruit cordial and lemonade premix
  • mint
  • ice
  • lemon
  • pomegranate seeds or fresh granadilla pulp


  1. fill a tall glass a quarter of the way with crushed ice, or half way if you prefer.
  2. Thereafter add mint leaves and slices of lemon and the shot of monin syrup
  3. Then muddle all together, use a spoon or the back of a wooden spoon to slightly smash up the lemon and mint into the ice,
  4. Top with half a cup earl grey tea
  5. Then fill the glass with passion fruit and lemonade
  6. Finish with granadilla pulp and/or pomegranate seeds.

if you don’t have the premix its perfectly fine, you can make your own by mixing the cordial with lemonade or sprite .


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