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First let’s catch up. Its been crazy these past few months, however I have been quite active on Instagram. for those of you that have been following my foodie adventures, you have by now realized that I am in desperate need of a crash diet, once that has been done, eating can presume as per usual.


This past month has been such a culinary adventure for me, and i have so many stories to share with you all. For now lets begin at home with one of my favourites restaurants.

The only restaurant that can get me out of hiding is Craft. Undoubtedly this is one of  the best restaurants in Johannesburg. I visit the trendy Parkhurst restaurant quite a bit, and no they don’t pay me for the social media content, I just love them that much.


Recently they hosted a blogger event for the official tasting of their Freakwaffles. Earlier this year they launched their amazing #Freakshakes, which are equally as amazing and a great hit amongst the masses.  There are 4 amazing dessert waffles on the menu, which are all presented fantastically. I do suggest sharing as its quite a lot for one person (and that’s coming from me, I eat for a living).

The waffle itself is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, just the way I like it. All of the waffles are served with ice cream and they all have their own  beautiful personalities.

The Oreo cookies and cream

This waffle pays homage to the most loved cookie, the Oreo. 2 substantially sized waffles served with ripples of Nutella and Oreo cookies topped with a white chocolate caramel.

The salted caramel and popcorn waffle.

This waffle can give you diabetes, and I mean that in the best way possible. It has everything caramelized and caramel related, and like its sister dessert the freakshake it doesn’t disappoint. 2 Waffles tucked beneath Gorgeous golden caramel coated popcorn pieces complemented by a creamy caramel sauce. I want one right now…

The marshmallow waffle reminds me of a candy carnival. Its so pretty you’d never want to destroy it. Its got marshmallow fluff, roasted mallows and an artisan sauce on the side.

Now! My Favourite, The peanut butter fudge, banana and chocolate waffle. I swear to you if you love peanut butter, you will ADORE this. From the first bite I was in love. Chef Ashley entertained us by telling us the story behind the creation of the fudge recipe, all I can say is the best recipes are always the result of “on purpose accidents”


Keep in mind that Craft is an Artisan based restaurant, and everything artisan is pricier. But the quality of their food outweighs the price tag. Weekends and lunch time are the busiest, however if you’re going with the family weekday afternoons are better for you.

Go ahead and try them , and don’t forget to Share your waffles with us on social media by hashtagging #Freakwaffles

N.B craft is not halaal we therefore only eat vegetarian or request separate food preparation if they’re not busy.

look out for some upgrades on the blog and for those of you that are on Zomato , do follow me @rizwaanaRSR for the latest foodie updates.

Thank you to my amazing team, Safeera and  Zaakira (photographer) for covering the event for me while i was away on another great adventure. details coming soon…


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