Craftsomething event.


Hey guys I’m back!!

A lot has happened in the past few months but I won’t bore you with the details. However I am back and hopefully will resume blogging as usual.

For a while I was considering shutting the blog down, for 2 reasons. 1. The blogging industry suddenly multiplied over night with an influx of food blogs suddenly sprouting. (Don’t get me wrong great job ladies and gents) however I doubted the need for my blog with so many other successful blogs out there. 2. It was becoming too time consuming and I’m trying to get to honours (eventually).

But alas here I am. Why? I have realised something these past few months. Even though I have forgotten about the blog, you guys haven’t forgotten about me. I’ve met so many of you in person and I am grateful for the kind words of appreciation and motivation that you have all shared with me. So I decided to keep things going and I hope to keep up to the standard that you’re used to.

While in South Africa I had a lot of time to kill and spent most of my time trying out new and hip restaurants. One of my favourite places that I had visited was Craft in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. I was attracted to the restaurant because of one magnificent candy floss milkshake which didn’t disappoint. However once there I couldn’t resist sampling their desserts (that caramel cheesecake though) and later came back for lunch. If you follow my insta you would know that I fell INLOVE with their veggie pizza and the mac&cheese. They even have a Banting friendly menu!

On that note… 4elements media in association with Craft restaurant and Jsomething collaborated to do something that was never before done in South Africa. A restaurant take over. For one day only, J something (South African musician) was given the keys to craft to wine and dine the public with a signature menu created by Jay himself.

I was unable to attend the event myself but my amazing blogger friend Ranaa from RMfashionary gladly accepted the invite on my behalf. Jay prepared a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu especially for that day. Everything looked great but I was disappointed by the amount of vegetarian friendly options that they had. However what vegetarian ranaa did have, she thoroughly enjoyed. Her favourite had to have been the three cheese dip with focaccia. The pizzas were gorgeous and all wood fired, no surprise as jay himself has a pizza oven at home! Overall the vibe was great, Jsomething made a great host and even took the time to pose for a few selfies. To top it all off all the proceeds from the #craftsomethingevent went to the foodbank.

Overall I think this was a great accomplishment for any chef. What a great initiative indeed.

P.s craft. Your Muslim clientele is definitely on the rise, it might be time to invest in a few halaal friendly options!

Thank you to Ranaa for covering the event for me and Layla Shaik photography for the great shots!

It feels good to be back


IMG-20151110-WA0028 IMG-20151110-WA0029 IMG-20151110-WA0030 IMG-20151110-WA0031 (1) IMG-20151110-WA0033 IMG-20151110-WA0032 IMG-20151110-WA0035 IMG-20151110-WA0036 IMG-20151110-WA0037 IMG-20151110-WA0038  IMG-20151110-WA0039


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