Yuppiechef Easter Cakeoff!

I’ve recently entered the Yuppiechef Easter CakeOff, this is my first attempt at competitive baking and I must admit I’m super nervous!

The competition required you to bake and snap a pic of one of four cakes, which Yuppiechef supplied on their website. The best looking cake would be the winner!

So this is my version of the spectacular Easter cake, recipe by yuppiechef.com. its a vanilla sponge cake with subtle bits of white candy easter chocolate eggs in between the layers of creamy white frosting!


I decided to do this cake specifically ,as it has a certain quirkiness to it that I love! However I added my own twist to it and tried to encompass what I felt symbolises Easter in a cake.

The roses represent the festivity which is synonymous with the Easter Holiday in South Africa.  I chose white to emphasise the spiritual serenity and I decided to dirty ice it to allow the chocolate eggs to peek out, to keep with the theme of the cake.

As my cousin would say “this cake has an easter surprise in every slice!”  and I have to agree! 🙂

Wish me luck



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