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Nestled in the heart of the city, this quaint little coffee shop serves up much more than you would expect from it. I was introduced to Munch a few months ago for the first time after hearing about their amazing food from my sister in law. As foodies we love to visit new and exciting places, and this little coffee shop got our taste buds excited!

Munch is situated within The Garden Shop located in Park Town North, directly opposite the Goodman Gallery. Hidden within the flora, this gem of an eatery is peaceful and is a quick escape from the hustle of the city.

They have an elaborate breakfast and lunch menu that is filled with tempting dishes. However if you don’t have the time for a breakfast or lunch date, their Pastry and Beverage selection is perfect for a quick coffee break.

One of my favourite items on the lunch menu is the flat bread topped with olives, feta, caramelized onions and rocket. The flat bread is light and crispy and is topped with plump Kalamata olives. Complementing the saltiness of the olives are the onions that are sweetly caramelised and is completed with a smooth feta that gives the dish a contrasting texture. I’m obsessed with this dish, it is well balanced at ticks all my boxes in terms of flavour.

We also ordered the gratinated pancakes which are freshly prepared pancakes stuffed with spinach and mushrooms that is served in a creamy sauce topped with cheese and grilled to perfection. Straight from the oven to your plate, it is served HOT! You can’t get any better than this. The portion isn’t big and the creamy cheese topping isn’t overwhelming which makes this dish a perfect meal for one.

Munch is family friendly and they have their own play area situated close by so you can keep an eye on your kids. Within the nursery is a wonderful florist that boasts the freshest and most vibrant selection of flowers. You can buy flowers and brunch at the same time, whilst enjoying the freshness of the outdoors.

This cafe is really unique in the sense that their concept is simple and rustic yet the food is elegant and tasteful. There’s no fuss and the staff are friendly and always carry bright smiles on their faces. However it is not certified halaal, but there are multiple vegetarian options for the Muslim clientele to choose from.

I will definitely be going back for more and I hope you take my advice and make a trip too.

Happy Lunching



corner Jan Smuts Ave and Chester Rd , Parktown North

Tel: 011 447 2368

indoor seating

indoor seating





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